22 Jul 2014


Salam peeps,

No words actually can or may described what i did feel. Heh. Have u got that kind of feeling when u very fired up to story about something or to talk about something and suddenly your words being CUT OFF?? Well i did experience that all the time. Well, sebab selalu sangat being CUT OFF, i who talks a LOT (i think) suddenly thinks or thought that maybe i should just SHUT UP. Yeaahh why not, no one is listening isnt it? 

Its just u know, sad though, when things like this happen, especially someone who u called friends or bestie did that to u. And they find it amusing to do that to u, im someone who kalau orang buat to me i try as hard as i can not to do like that to them, sebab at the end of the day i may end up like what they did to me and i just nothing, and i end up as same as them.

I dont know either they did not realized it or they just like whatever, macam, macam mana nak cakap haa. Hmm. So basically if things like that happen to me, i would just shut up,okay nak cakap okay go on.Sokay, malas nak cakap , or when they like, they laugh just tease me, i was like. "Ntah, lupa nak cakap apa". Nak mengusik or jokes around kadang2 is okay, its funny though, but when that time is not suitable for laughing, just dont please. 

So nowadays, aku selalunya dah sangat-sangat jarang in contact with my klik yang aku rasa rapat since sekolah. I just react to them bila, they whatsapp or text me. Kalau boleh, aku ada that feeling malas nak jumpak diorang. Heh. I dunno why, but i got that annoying feelings sometimes. ;//. Aku rapat or in contact sekarang pon dengan member matrik. 

Penat la, penat sangat dengan orang or member yang perangai macam ni. Ye nak membahan bole, bole sangat aku tak kisah, tapi jangan end up macam kurang hajar. Paham tak? Thats the kind of feeling. Bila sekarang aku ntah dah jadik a bit sarkastik, especially bila text/cakap/what-so-ever . They will be like, "Eh, kenapa cakap mcam this or that,coz basically i never respond to their sarcasm(i did respond, but a bit like, dunno how to say/react) so, bila aku cakap sarcasm things balik,they be like" Eh, forth" 

And here i was thinking, i just say things what u just did or say to me. Dan lagi, if ada pasal anything that yang supposed maybe macam secretive, they will be like pointing their fingers to me as if im the one who reveal all that. CLAP!CLAP!CLAP! AS IF. 

So now, i dunno but, i didnt spend much time with them anymore, i try to avoid nicely and silently. Its okay though. Sebab i faced this  quite a long time, so no need to be that difficult. Heh. I tend to have that annoy face that i cant even resist.haha. So, selalunya orang senang cam yang aku macam tengah annoying.

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