15 Jan 2013


Salam and hye peeps,

How ya doing? its already 4 days since i back home, i did eat a lot of thing, things that im craving for,haha. Last nite, i eat capati, quite a lot.heeee Okay, then i already home, so obviously there's is a lot storie to shares,haha

First thing first, i just got to noe,that my lovely cousin that i called along already give birth to a baby name Muhd Rauf, its their 3rd child, their second son. Then i've got to noe, someone gonna 'merisik' my cousin, which i did find it a bit funny though, haha. I never think that someone still used that method.

Then couple days ago, im lepaking with my members, and Che said that i did looked so skinny. The question is, am i? im abit shocked, coz rite now my weight is around 48 or 49 which way not too skinny, i think its my bone not my muscle,haha plus we didn't see each other quite a lot, so maybe thats why she thinks like that.

Ohh, and i also heard that  one of my cousin gonna get engaged, she is younger than me and she's gonna engaged. Congrats to her, haha. hope she will get marry when im here.heeee. Then yesterday or maybe couple days back, my cousin Nafiq, which we called him 'abang' called, hahaha. You noe what he did ask?

Nafiq: Kak iya dah gemuk blom?

Me: Mana ada kak iya gemuk, kuruih macam abang laa

Hahha,he just call because wanna ask me only that. Then i started ask him, what he doing rite now.

Me: abang tengah buat pa?

Nafiq: tengah gosok baju sekolah, belajar berdikari.

Hahaha, im just laughung hearing him said those.hahaha, crazy little fellas, sometimes we always called him CNN. Noe why because, he always noe everthing, and always wanna noe what we are talking about, he will stay around makcik-makcik and heards what they are talking about, and he can repeat all theirs conversation from A to Z ..hahaha

Ohhh, yeayhh forget to mention that, i heard that 'merisik' gonna be this saturday, but sadly im not there.huhu plus im still not calling my cousin about his matter, im sure if i did ask, she's gonna burst out everthing..hahaha

Sekian peeps.
p/s: now movie marathon:Maid in Manhattan :)


  1. great ! hehe cograz 4 your cousin =) wOw dah ketemu jodoh kite bila lagi ,, oh nooooo habiskan study dulu hehe

    1. haha..thx cik arina, nak temu jodoh ape nye..busy jee memanjang,hehe(busy la sangat)