8 Jan 2013

8th PAGE OF 365

Salam and hye peeps,

Le Morning peeps, its 8 January, Happy Birthday to my one and only brother Muhammad Faiz Nadli, okay meyhh.. You already 23 years young, boleh gi mengundi dah. Sila balik Malaysia cepat-cepat, boleh gi trip.mihmihmih.

Le me also gonna be 21 years young this year, aish. Hate that actually, being 21, means im no longer in my earlier twenties and no longer in teen's year. Hate to be adult, being children and teen is the best years in our life. Rite.? Yup, im rite.heh

Keep being older by years as time passed by, i've got a plenty of things to do and get in wishlist. Everyone got your own wish rite, me also included. I mean it, its a lot, haha.

Its 2 days left before im flying back home, its not like i've got a wing to fly home, you noe what i mean.Rite? Final exam always makes me HOMESICK,haha, every time. Cant wait to see my family,friends, food, my room, my bed..haha.

Each time im gonna back home, i've always prepare what kind of food that i want, what im craving for, so that im not mengidam sangat when im back to campus life. Being away from home really makes me appreciate a lot of things include food,haha.

Last week, i called home during daylight, as my parents obviously not home coz they are working, my MakTeh pick up the call, in uni im rarely speak to her, so sometimes she cant recognize my voice,heee, sorry MakTeh, i'll call you more after this.

So, when we were speaking, im asking her:

Me: MakTeh nanti balik, iya nak mee kuah

Mak Teh: mee kuah..?hang balik pon dak lagi..hang mintak dah

Me: haha, mintak awai, nanti balik bole makan.

Mak Teh : okay..okay

Haha, actually want to say that im already request my food list,mihmihmih, MeeKuah by my MakTeh is the best, obviously, i luv food made in home instead of food outside, except, some food that makteh dunno how to do, or rarely make it.

My semester break is only a month, so i just want to spend my time wisely, instead stay in my room, which what i actually always do,haishh.

Sekian and happy reading :)))
p/s: reading/studying while blogging+watching #jozan vids, le me so hungry. ;'(


  1. saya tak pernah rasa mee kuah , maybe sbb sye tak suka mee , huhu

    1. haha, certain places mybe panggilan dia lain kot..heee awat tak suka mee..