12 Nov 2012


 Salam and hye peeps,

Waxy-balm like

Apa tu NIXODERM ??? Okay Nixoderm nie dah lama ada dalam pasaran, maybe most of all dah ramai yang dengar or tau or terbaca somewhere pasal Nixoderm nie.

Nixoderm nie NO SIDE EFFECT. ia adalah product from South American. Tak silap aku dah 40 years product nie ada ( tapi aku baru jee tau..noob me -.-) . Tapi baru je product Nixoderm nie ada dekat USA, product nie macam waxy-balm yang sangat effective untuk merawat keadaan kulit macam :

  • Ringworm 
  • Psoriasis
  • Jerawat
  • Blackhead
  • Kegatalan
  • Kurap

Nixoderm packaging

Gambar atas nie packaging Nixoderm, senang sikit nak cari macam mana kann??

Obviously, Nixoderm nie adalah sangat EFFECTIVE dalam nak hilangkan jerawat. Harga Nixoderm nie adalaha sangat murah. Boleh cari dekat Guardian franchise, ada dua option:

  • Small Nixoderm - RM4.90
  • Moderate Nixoderm RM8.90

Okay yang nie harga dekat Guardian lah, kalau tempat lain aku tak confirm lah. Harga dia memag murah gila kann..? OKay, for sure mesti ada yang tak percaya rite dengan product nie kan.

Try laa baca REVIEW pasal product nie:

  • Nixoderm is useful for the treatment of pimples, acne and other chronic infections of the skin. On a scale of effectiveness, this product can be easily rated at an impressive 4.5 out of 5.

    Nixoderm is a very effective acne blemish product. It competes effectively with the best prescription topical medications. This product is drying, antibacterial and soothing on the skin due to the Salicyclic Acid and the yellow Sulfur. And it is also good to clear up the blemishes that are left behind after the pimples.

    The different ingredients of the product are Benzoic acid, Titanium Dioxide, and Methanol among others. It goes on the skin as a thick putty and goes to work immediately. It is also indicated for Eczema, Psoriasis and Ringworm skin condition. Nixoderm has a soothing emollient base. A product which is well appreciated by its users. Well, this product should definitely be tried once.

  • Reviewed by Don Brenneman    September 27, 2011
I recently uncovered some Nixoderm that I purchased over ten years ago in Vancouver, BC, Canada before moving to the US. I had forgotten it. I started using it on athelete's foot, and my wife uses it on a patch of fungus on her chest. In both cases, the Nixoderm seems to work better than anything else we've tried. This is the way I remember it from Vancouver, though I don't remember all of the things we used it for there. This form forces me to respond to several ratings which do not apply to me, since I'm reviewing a product that I've stored since moving, but I did want to say that this product is great. I rate it 3.5 out of 5.

  • Reviewed by Misslady    September 26, 2011
Ive been using nixoderm since i was a kid. I dont have bad skin problems, but i use it for an occasional bump i may get. Im not going to lie, when you first put it on it burns like heck. If you have sensitive skin mix it with a petroleum jelly. After about 10 min of burning it goes away. Within 1 or two days the bump has gone away. My mom and grandmother both used it They are from the carribean. It is the only get- rid- -of -bump -fast -for- a -cheap -price solution i know of. You can get it off ebay. Great stuff. Highly recommended.

  • Reviewed by Lex    September 26, 2011
I have suffered from mild acne since I was 11. I have tried all of the over the counter products you can think of and nothing has ever worked for long. I started using Nixoderm in High School and the results have been amazing! Now, I only use it if a pimple sneaks up, but it dries it up and takes it away overnight. I'm a makeup artist and I've been telling my clients about it for years.

So how? dah percaya, heh. Tapi for sure, results are vary for each person rite? Ada yang lambat ada yang cepat. 

Selain tue baca jugak :

Sekian and happy reading :)))
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  1. my dad pernah pakai nih dulu masa ada masalah kegatalan pada kulit, and I've used it once masa naik ruam kat tangan pasal allergic pada tali jam besi biler berpeluh... tak dinafikan it's effective tapi Farah just tak tahan bau dier lah... bau dia cam tak besh sikit... ^_^

    1. sangat effective kan,, aah bau dia, mmg tak best ..haha,nak2 letak kat muka lagi laa kuat bau dia

  2. kt guardian tu kt bahagian rak mane eh.. ni yg rasa nk pergi cari je ni..

    1. kat bahagian belakang2 sikit, dekat area ubat2 tue, try cari betol2 sbb biasa la kan guardian bnyak sangat barang dia

  3. Saya pun baru tau..Lagi noob..Hahaha..

    Kena pegi cari ni,allergic..Tangan gatal2 kalau guna sabun....
    Thanks for da info.. :D

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  5. Memang nixoderm ni berkesan, saya baru jugak meggunakan, baru 1 bulan mcm tu, tu pun tak apply selalu, tp memang parut dah takde kesan, dan jerawat pun nak tumbuh pun tkt, memang berkesan sgt.:)

  6. salam nk tanya nixoderm ni boleh guna untuk parut jerawat tak?

  7. Replies
    1. kalau paryt jerawat tue, tak tau nak cakap, Nixoderm ni lebih kpd nak kecutkan dgn keringkan jerawat je

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  9. hai, klau dkat watsons ada jual tk ye?

    1. Kat watson n guardian kekadang nk cr sendiri susah sbb kecik kan tunjuk je gmbar nixoderm kt pkerja guardian tu.dia y tlg tunjukkn .senang 😂

  10. Lately ni muka saya kuar jawat. Saya teringat pd nixoderm ni. Dulu2 saya dh pakai. Masavtu remaja lg. Berpuluh tahun dh tk guna. Tetiba bila ada jawat saya terus g farmasi beli nixoderm. Apa yg buat saya hepi sgt bkn jawat je kecut, jeragat kt muka saya trus hilang. Dh mcm2 produk saya cuba utk hilangkn jeragat tpi hampeh. Saya pakai nixoderm 3 hari clear jeragat. Suami saya pun tegur. Dia tnya cmne tiba2 muka sya jdi putih bersih wlupun jawat still ada. Pd akak2 yg baca, klu ada jeragat cepat2la g beli nixoderm. Mmg akak2 akn trkejut n hepi cm saya...

    1. Yeayy, tq sbb sudi share. Satu lagi nak share produk VIt E dri Organic Aid or Vit E dari Cosmoderm boleh cari kat Guardian or Watson. Sangat elok untuk moustrize skin, hilangkan jeragat dgn parut jerawat.

    2. Sis pakai sabun je ke or krim?
      Sy pn ada jeragat
      Pening jgk mcm2 dh pakai

    3. Sis wasap sy jap

  11. nak sapu 1 muka ke dap kt tmpt jerawat n jeragat je

    1. DEkat tempat jerawat and jeragat je

  12. Kalau jerawat pasir dekat seluruh muka, boleh sapu ke?

  13. Kalau jerawat pasir dekat seluruh muka, boleh sapu ke?